What Reefpoint Cottages guests are saying…

Just thought that I would drop you a line thanking you again SO MUCH for your generous hospitality in our time of need. You and the whole staff at reef point were very gracious to us,the sort of kindness that you don’t find here in the big city. I have told many people of your kindness and beautiful spot and I’m sure that you will have a few referrals. Please forward this to the owner on my behalf as I think that it is very important that you and the staff be commended.

Curt C.

I just wanted to send an email to you to thank you for working so hard to provide us with such an amazing stay and so many wonderful memories. The cottages were beautiful, like nothing we had ever seen before. The reception was very informative, friendly, and personal. Our stay was unforgettable.

I would not hesitate to recommend Reef Point Cottages to others. In fact, I am sure we will be sending some business your way in the new year. My boyfriend and I will definitely return as well.

Kristen B. and Karsten B.

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay at Reef Point cottages this week. Really appreciated the extremely clean cabin and facilities. We will definitely recommend these cabins to our friends. Hope you have a good season; will be booking again next summer, but for a longer stay.

Lore P.

What a beautiful cottage. I didn’t expect it to be fully loaded with everything from flashlights to coffee. We loved the quiet calm in the evenings…Thanks for such a lovely home away from home.

Robin and Rob

What a great place! Especially when it was pouring rain outside.

Kevin, Marion, Tara and Ian M.

A wonderful place and a fantastic time! Thanks for helping make this one of our best vacations ever.

Steve and Dena G.

Wow – breathtaking – thank you. All the comforts of home. The trails are fantastic and nature is here still.

Keven M. and Terry K.

The trail was perfect, rain (pouring non-stop!!!) yeah!!!! An absolutely amazing place and experience! Comfortable and relaxing – everything one needs in a place. The rain made the weekend enchanting. The landscape is ideal…how wonderful. We will be back next year! We love it!

Tabitha M and Adrian L

We had a fabulous mini-vacation! The trail was great and we got some great photos – rain and all. Will be back next year for more storm watching.

Sharon and Bob H.

It is amazing how taking a couple days away from your busy life to stay in a peaceful, relaxing, rustic cabin with beautiful trails and the ocean can be so positive and calming for all of us. We didn’t want our stay to end!

Carl, Krista, Rylan and Delaney I.