The Ucluelet area offers some of the most spectacular opportunities to view wildlife found anywhere in the world. Often overlooked in the area, Bear Watching can offer an exciting wildlife viewing experience. These majestic wild animals can be observed from the safety of a wilderness tour or cruise, but be prepared to be blown-away, as the local Black Bears can grow to be absolutely huge!

Bear Watching in Ucluelet

Adult male Black Bears can weigh up to 600 pounds and stand nearly six feet tall when on their hind legs. While most bears in the area are predominantly black they can also be brown, cinnamon or even blond. It’s rare to see one that’s lightly coloured but they are around so keep your eyes open and you might just spot one!

Abundant to the West Coast of Vancouver Island, the Black Bear makes its presence known at low tide. They travel down to the shores in search of their favorite delicacy, the Rock Crab. These moments offer a great opportunity to view the Black Bear in their natural habitat from the comfort of a marine wildlife viewing tour.

Bird Watching in Ucluelet

Bird lovers will be happy to know the forests surrounding Ucluelet are home to many species of birds, such as Winter Wrens and Varied Thrushes. A seabird, the Marbled Murrelet, even makes its nest in the forest canopy.

Deer, black bear, cougar, otters, minks, squirrels, bald eagles and more than 200 species of shore birds also inhabit the rugged area around Ucluelet.

Other Ucluelet Wildlife

Many of Vancouver Island’s wildlife populations have evolved a little differently than their mainland counterparts. One example is the rare Vancouver Island Marmot, and another is a small red subspecies of cougars. These cougars often feed on the populous small black-tailed deer. Minks are common in the area and feed on aquatic animals, amphibians, birds and small mammals.

During the grey whale migration in early spring, a popular Ucluelet attraction is the Pacific Rim Whale Festival and the start of BC whale watching season.

The new Ucluelet Aquarium, located in the harbour, is worth a visit for an up-close encounter with the diverse local marine life. The aquarium offers a hands-on learning environment for children of all ages. Displayed specimens are gathered from the local waters on the aquarium’s doorstep, then regularly released back into the wild and replaced with new creatures.