Whale Watching

22,000 grey whales migrate past Reef Point Cottages on their way to Alaska every March and April. Take a run out in one of the many charter boats and be prepared to be awe struck or watch for spouts from shore.

There is nothing quite like watching a 20 ton mammal, 50 feet long lift itself completely out of the water. You won’t see that every day, but it is special when it does happen. Keep your eyes open as well for humpbacks, orcas, porpoises, seals, sea lions, sea otters and more.

Aquamarine Adventures Seafari

It’s whale watching season; Observe the annual migration of the Grey and Humpback whales, up close.

Our tours depart Ucluelet Harbour, to explore several Vancouver Island archipelagos, including the world-renown Broken Group Islands, in Barkley Sound. Our boat is one of only a few licensed to provide tours through the Broken Group Islands.

Ph: 1-866-726-7727

Jamie’s Whaling Station

Jamie’s Whale Watching offers tours in Tofino and Ucluelet on state of the art zippy zodiac style vessels for those who crave adventure, or the west coast’s only large, luxury whale watch vessels, the 65 foot,’Leviathan II’ in Tofino or the ‘Lady Selkirk’ from Ucluelet, BC.

We see Orca whales (Killer whales) as well. There are 12 pods of ‘Transient’ Orcas that we see about once every two to three weeks throughout the year.

Ph: 1-877-726-7444

Subtidal Adventures

During March and April the longest migration of any mammal goes right past our shores. Over 20,000 Gray Whales pass by here on their journey from Mexico to Alaska but some will stop to feed in our protected bays.

This special cruise is only during the March and April spring migration. Sea lions, seals, eagles and sea birds are also common. Our “Islands Whales and Bears” tour takes take advantage of summer resident whales in Barkley Sound.

Ph: 1-250-726-7336

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