Storm Cruises

If you have never seen a wild, west coast storm, words cannot do it justice. The wind howls, the waves crash and the rain is horizontal – Mother Nature unleashing some of her power.

On a calm day, the angled growth of the trees and vegetation is testament to the fury of the wind on stormy days. The winter months are when these storms are most consistent, although a big one can hit at any time of the year.

The Perfect Storm Harbour Tour

Storm Watching from shore is exciting! Try it from a boat!

This scenic harbour tour takes you past the fish boat docks to the mouth of Ucluelet harbour for a taste of the “rough stuff”- but only for a few minutes – before returning to the harbour.

Eagles, sealions and seals are quite common in the harbour.

Ph: 1-250-726-7336

Perfect Storm Cruise Ucluelet